Begin your Summer Renovation: Dry Rot Treatment

The rainy weather is now behind us and it is the best time to revise your property’s condition and examine what needs renovating, which can be done by booking a survey with one of Pro-Dry’s experienced team members. As we are approaching towards summer now, which means there is less rain, therefore it is a great time to start repairing features within your property which may have been damaged by winter weather. This is the perfect time to begin your summer renovation project, to repair damages your property had faced during the harsh cold months of this year’s winter.

Dry rot is a common problem the can start damaging your property, as the temperature rises on wet timber frames. Dry rot is a fungal decay, which occurs within areas of poorly ventilated conditions within buildings, resulting in powdering or cracking. The most common reason for dry rot is leaking washing machines, water pipes (bathrooms, showers, kitchen sinks) and condensation. Typically dry rot will affect timber which has a moisture content of more than 20%, therefore ensuring your property is ventilated well is important.
Typical indications of dry rot include shrinking or discoloration wood, white fluffy mycelium developing in the edges, damp or musty odour. Earlier prevention is easier to repair than when the dry rot has managed to develop and damage your property, it is important for you to inspect your property on a regular basis, especially in places where moisture and wood are present.

As spring has reached record-high temperatures this year, there is an increased risk of dry rot developing into a property, especially if you have had severe condensation last winter, therefore Pro-Dry recommends to book a survey and have a professional surveyor to come and inspect how much work would be required. Pro-Dry also recommends treating dry rot during summer, as it is far more affordable and easier to do, therefore the treatment of dry rot should be part of your summer renovation project.
This is why your summer renovation project should start with treating conditions that have been caused by the previous winter, to ensure that these problems won’t repeat themselves every year, and to protect your property from being damaged for longer.

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