Flood ResilienceDo it right, do it once. Guaranteed!

Flood Resilient Homes

Pro-Dry's specialist design & build packages are for both new build and retrospective projects. Following guidelines from DEFRA, PCA & BRE we have a three step optimisation plan.

  1. Minimise water ingress & damage limitation.
  2. Reduce cost of repairs & reinstatements
  3. Reduce uninhabitable times

By presenting insurers with the best defence measures available our clients can benefit from more choice, better premiums and government / local grant funding*

Flood Resilience Flood Resistant Diagram

Saving money - Reducing water ingress is the first step in flood prevention & defence. This is achieved by waterproof membranes, back- up valves to drainage, one way ventilation systems and water proof entrance doors.

Less stress - Damage limitation is achieved by internal rapid water removal systems, waterproof wall and floor structures, finishes and decorations.

Getting you back to normal - Rapid refurbishment and re-habitation are achieved through a specialised built in drying system that enables efficient ventilation to the structure of the building, even whilst inhabited!