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Dry Rot decay can cause extensive and serious damage to the structural timbers within your property- remedial action MUST be undertaken as a matter of urgency once Dry Rot is identified.

Dry rot

Dry Rot is a fungus which feeds on wood, removing the strength from the timber which cracks and disintegrates. It grows significantly, with the first signs of a concealed fungal outbreak being a fine reddish-brown dust (spores of the fungus) on surfaces within the property, sometimes accompanied by a 'mushroom' odour. Other signs are cracks in skirting boards and door frames etc.

Once identified, the Dry Rot outbreak will need effective remedial treatment including replacement of decayed timbers and protective isolation and treatment of new and existing sound timbers. The identification and elimination of the initial source of moisture is paramount. There are other types of Wet Rot fungi which are not as destructive as Dry Rot, however effective eradication is still required.

PRO-DRY offer first-class surveying and remedial services covering all forms of Dry Rot and Wet Rot decay together with the various forms of wood boring beetle infestation. Our specialist and experienced operatives ensure that you will have the correct solution and a long-lasting, positive outcome.

Our promise:
  • Guarantee installation 10yr insurance backed.
  • Guarantee materials 10yrs by manufacturer.