Pro-Dry ‘s New Flood Resilience Solutions

Pro-Dry is proud to announce our new flood resilience solutions for houses. In collaboration with Delta Köster & Membranes, specialized liquid waterproofing material to stop water from damaging your property.

Why is Flood resilience so important?

Flood resilient homes are guaranteed to last longer and effectively throughout the weather and climate change. When we receive significantly heavy rain falls in Britain, many houses will become flooded and will cause additional damage to your property. There are countless ways flooding can damage your home and make it an unhealthy or dangerous environment to live in.

How can London Homes transform?

As our slogan goes, ‘do it once, do it right’. Once flood resilient renovations have been made to the home, it will help protect the home and become a far more cost-effective solution for a longer period of time. Flood resilient homes remain far less vulnerable for other damages caused by moisture, such as condensation and mold.

How can I begin making my home flood resilient?

The best option is to observe the situation of your home, is it at flood zone? Your local council should also have similar recordings and more information about your building. The next best solution is to book a survey. Pro-Dry’s experienced team of surveyors are more than happy to pay a visit to your property and give a transparent report if your property requires improvement with flood resilience.

It is important to also consider all of these factors before preparing your renovation and applying for your planning permission. In order to make an effective home, which has a good way of approved within the flood resilience category in the long-term, you will need to examine your property’s structure with professionals in detail.

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