Pro-Dry’s Tips for Winter Condensation

Summer is long gone behind and UK is hitting more colder months now. Which means the climate will impact our houses differently, in contrast to hotter months. Rain and humidity are some of the key distinguishable changes house owners face and need to be aware of when we head towards the last few months of each year. Winter condensation usually is one of the biggest results of climate change during these colder months.

There are various different ways of tackling winter condensation. Here are Pro-Dry’s top tips in how to actively prevent drastic damage to your home.

1. At Pro-Dry, our expertise lies in making sure you are making the most of your space within your property, therefore there are various ways to prevent further damage, especially when it comes to winter condensation. We highly recommend evenly heating all the rooms within your property, as this will prevent the warm humid air, which gets trapped into rooms and then vapors towards windows, which gradually causes winter condensation. Either leaving your room doors open for the day, for the air to properly flow through the house evenly, will ensure you won’t get any warm air trapped in one place.

2. Alongside with using practical methods to prevent winter condensation, the best way to tackle long-term damage is by renovating and preventing the possibilities of trapped warm air in the first place. Setting up proper insulation when next renovating or refurbishing the house is essential. Doing preventative work beforehand will prevent further damage and is of course much more cheaper.

3. Double glazed windows are essential. The humid air trapped inside will gather to single glazed thin fare more easy. The windows will fall pray to excessive moisture overtime within the frames, outer wall and ceiling connected to the window. Pro-Dry wants to point out that new windows also require planning applications, don’t get caught out installing new ones without one!

4. External insulation can now be added to a lot of properties. This can enhance the look of your property covering up old brickwork and increasing the thermal efficiency for the property. This is a wonderful way of smart preventative renovating for a property, especially if you do not wish to strip out inner materials of your walls. There is a range of wonderful materials to choose from. Pro-Dry highly recommend you search carefully at the best sustainable options which will result to being more energy efficient for your property and a material that works well with your existing wall.

Overall we can conclude that some of the best ways of avoiding expensive and time-consuming damage is to prevent it in the first place. Winter condensation is one o the leading reasons why moisture damage takes place I many households in the UK. This is why Pro-Dry’s motto ‘do it right, do it once. Guaranteed!’ stands strong with the values of renovating houses to secure your property from damage. To understand more about our versatile services, visit our website