New Flood Resilience Services

As temperatures rise and we face new challenges with climate change; we are automatically required to adapt to these changes. Many parts of Britain fall under flood risk zones, it is recommended to get a National Flood Resilience Inspection and speak to your local surveyor. Homeowners who have suffered with flooding in the past are very likely to suffer again. If you are highly aware of you area’s flood risk, or wish to protect your property from damage in the further future, many homeowners waterproof their houses, working closely with a team to design and build their property to a more habitable place.


With using a range of material, products and innovations, a retrospective installation is one of the best methods to create properties towards flood resilience. With using innovative new materials and equipment to refurbish, or repair damaged homes, many homeowners are encouraged to prepare their properties. The drastic damage can become much more expensive for a homeowner, if the flooding has occurred for a while. The damage may require you to also strip out the current surface materials of your property and alongside with installing your home from future flooding, you may be dragged to refurbish and purchase new surface materials to replace the ones exposed to flood. This can also be a daunting problem, which becomes pricey for insurers.


Pro-Dry have launched their newest flood resilience package to their roaster of home-remedial solution services. From traditional paneling and waterproofing, we are now providing the latest innovative materials to tackle the outcomes of climate change in our homes. An instant barrier is provided at first, to the flooding area, to make sure the area and water is sealed. The air gap then between the damaged area will dry out and excess water will be then pumped out separately.


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