What is Condensation?

What is Condensation?


Condensation is a common household issue, which becomes more apparent as the seasons change. It is the result of moisture damage caused by humid air turning back into water and gathering into unwanted places within the house.


Due to the regular rainy and foggy weather in Britain, it is encouraged to consider waterproofing into any house. Moreover as a result from this climate, condensation has become most common problem of dampness in various households, when densely humid vapour gathers inside the house, particularly in cold temperatures, it easily gathers by windows and other cold surfaces.


After time, regular condensation will allow mould to grow into various places including floors, windows, ceiling corners and affected wall surfaces. Condensation can also be the cause of daily household chores, including washing laundry to drying it indoors or cooking excessively without using lids in pans to trap moisture can be some of the main causes for condensation. Even storing cupboards with too many things can prevent proper ventilation, which could eventually lead to condensation. Furthermore, condensation is usually the most common reason for house owners to approach waterproofing or ventilation solutions. For long-term living in a property, it I best to arrange a surveyor to check on the house every other year. The resulting effects of condensation are best to prevent at early stages of habitation, in order to avoid long-term health consequences.


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