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Woodworm causes serious damage to the timbers within your property. The damage is caused by the worm-shaped larvae of the adult beetle (Common Furniture Beetle) which burrow into the timbers (including floorboards, floor joists and rafters) creating tiny tunnels within the timber. After a period of infestation the timber can become structurally weakened, often resulting in expensive repairs.

Woodworm infestation must be identified as early as possible so that effective remedial treatment can be carried out to eliminate wood boring beetle and its larvae.


It is essential that your timber infestation problems are correctly identified by a trained surveyor who is a specialist in this field. Incorrect analysis may lead to expensive and unnecessary treatment and repairs.

PRO-DRY offer first-class surveying and remedial services covering all forms of wood boring beetle infestation and fungal decay.

Once surveyed, we are able to provide a detailed report covering the defects and a quotation for our recommended solutions. Our specialist and experienced operatives ensure that you will have the correct solution and a long-lasting, positive outcome.

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