Subsidence SolutionsDo it right, do it once. Guaranteed!

We can solve your Subsidence problems.

Subsidence is normally an insurable event and only a small excess is due. We are a fully compliant remedial underpinning contractor and will be pleased to work directly for your insurance company or with yourselves.

We can provide a detailed survey report to you and your insurance company together with our estimate of the remedial works required, the costs and the duration of project.

Typical subsidence is evident by progressive cracking. Most London properties will suffer a small degree of movement but often this becomes more severe, unsightly and inconvenient as cracks continually need attention.


The solution may be steel ties that take the strain from the property masonry or remedial structural underpinning that extends the building foundation down to stable ground.

Often house subsidence is quite localised and the requirement for underpinning is limited to possibly a corner, a front bay or an extension keeping the cost to a minimum.

Planning permission is not required but party wall awards and building control will be necessary. We deal with all of this for you. We have even built new basements beneath existing properties!

Our promise:
  • Guarantee 10yrs insurance backed.