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We can solve your Rising Damp problems.

Rising damp is a common problem in buildings, especially those built in the 1930s and earlier. It is caused by an absence or breakdown of an existing horizontal damp proof course to the base of a brick or stone wall, which then allows groundwater to rise up through the wall structure.

Internally, the damp can cause serious problems such as damage to the wall decorations, deterioration of the wall plaster and the onset of fungal decay to skirting boards and other timbers in contact with the damp wall structure. Externally, rising damp can damage the external rendering and cause deterioration of the brickwork and mortar structure.

Man remedying rising damp that caused flaking paint

Once rising damp is identified, effective remedial action should be completed immediately to eliminate the problem. The most effective solution is for a new horizontal chemical damp proof course to be injected into the base of the wall structure. PRO-DRY use the most up-to-date and effective injected specialist damp proofing creams for controlling rising damp. PRO-DRY will also complete the specialist replastering work as an essential component to the solution of curing rising damp.

It is essential that the damp problems within your property are correctly identified by a trained surveyor who is a specialist in this field. PRO-DRY offer first-class surveying and remedial services covering all forms of dampness. Our specialist and experienced operatives ensure that you will have the correct solution and a long-lasting, positive outcome.

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