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Professional Services.

Surveyors; are qualified and trained for the remedial services we offer and understand the possible cause and affects that act on the fabric of your property. Your surveyor will read on….. Your surveyor will carry out a appraisal of the property and provide a detailed report that will describe the causes and the solutions that are available. The report will always give the estimated costs and duration of the project.

Professional Services

Often this report can be to your insurance company directly or to you for approval.

Structural engineers; may well be called upon to design both a structural solution and a method of construction together with temporary works that may be required. Often these designs will be subject to scrutiny from your neighbour's party wall surveyor.

Architects; will create an initial layout design and carry out all the planning application details that can be quite complex depending on the nature of the development and the borough planning department's guidelines.

Party wall awards; will only be necessary if works to the party walls are required. Our surveyor will advise and carry out all the paperwork and notify your neighbours to ensure a smooth as possible project.

Your neighbours that are affected by the works have a right to appoint their own surveyor at your expense. Our surveyor will act swiftly and conscientiously to minimise these. We have dealt with hundreds of awards over years and no how to move things along as smoothly as possible.