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We can solve your Condensation problems.

Condensation is the biggest cause of dampness in the UK and is due to excessive humidity within the property. When air becomes over-saturated with moisture vapour it condenses on to cold surfaces within the property such as windows, internal surfaces of external walls, solid floors, etc.

Double glazing may not prevent condensation and if humidity levels are not controlled, the damp effects to other cold surfaces within the property will be more severe. Persistent condensation within a property usually allows mould to grow on the affected wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, and can even affect clothing and shoes within wardrobes and cupboards. You may notice a damp, musty odour.


The humidity level can be reduced by improving ventilation, such as installing an efficient electric extractor fan or an electric dehumidifier. All mould growth will need to be effectively sterilised, and subsequent redecoration with a specialist anti-mould emulsion paint should always be considered.

Mould removal treatment will become a thing of the past if we install one of our award winning, cost effective positive heat exchanger units. They are simple to install and often the only permanent mold prevention.

It is essential that your condensation and mould problems are correctly identified by a trained surveyor who is a specialist in this field.

Our promise:
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  • Guarantee equipment 1yr by manufacturer.